"Silk Glass" creates refined space

Silk from ITOKO
Since established in 1931 Kyoto,
we are producing the silk fabric which is the top level of the Japanese Silk.
Our products branded ITOKO have the reputation of high quality Kimono clothes,
some of which Japanese Royal Family has been loving to use, too.

Each pattern is made by the exclusive design experts.
Then we also provide you a special design service by order.
Silk fabric has been weaved with plenty of patterns which
reflect people’s heart, wishes and thoughts from the ancienttimes.
Integrated with our ITOKO brand culture and sensibility of many years,
“Silk Glass”, modern and stylish space decoration, was created.
The inside layer has the beauty of pure silk weaving, delicate embroidery technique,
and gold leaf hand-glazing design originated for Kimono.
Our unique silk fabric creates the sophisticated "Silk Glass" effects to your new life.

[Silk Glass] is our registered trademark. (No. 5509316)

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