SILK Pillowcase

It is our great pleasure to announce that our special product “Silk pillowcase” is adopted by TAKUMI NEXT 2023.
TAKUMI NEXT is a project supported by JETRO to support Japanese crafts and lifestyle goods made in Japan and to convey their attractive points overseas.
We are proud to provide the benefits of nature-delivered “Silk pillowcase”.

Washable 100% silk pillowcase One-third of our life is sleeping time.

As it is said that one-third of our lifetime is to sleep, sleeping is a very important part of our life. Now in a busy world, how can we let you have a comfortable sleeping environment?
We have developed a pillowcase made of 100% silk, focusing on the benefits of natural silk.

Focusing on the benefits of silk

As you may know, the main component of silk is fibroin, whose protein is similar to our human skin. Therefore, it has good affinity with your skin and hair and to promote your comfortability.

For your more comfortable sleep

Soft to the touch pillowcase with luxury hotel way!
・100% silk pillowcase is composed of natural silk fibroin whose protein is similar to our human skin.
・It has good affinity with your skin and hair and reduces friction.
・The smooth touch to this silk pillowcase leads you to a good sleeping time.
・It has excellent effects such as moisture control, anti-bacteria and really cool-touch in summer.
・Silk is anti-static and resistant to dust or pollen.

The fabric is woven with a satin weave to enhance the smoothness of the silk,
This pillowcase has a relaxing feel to the touch.

It is 100% silk, then washable and hygienic

Our silk pillowcase is washable so that it can be used every day.
Therefore, it can be machine-washed in a laundry net.

Silk, a natural fiber, is truly a sustainable material that is friendly to both people and the environment.
The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are recognized recently and environmental burdens have become a social issue. The excellence of silk is more attractive and the benefits of nature is important.
In order to carry on the seri-culture, we would like to evolve washable processing technlolgy.
Our silk pillowcase product can be not only washed at home, but also easy to care for natural fibers should be used in the modern world. washable processing technology is evolving.
Not only can it be washed at home, but it is now easy to care for, with virtually no fluffing after washing.